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More than 20 men, women, and children from both congregations took part in the first Pumpkin Carving Get Together in the social hall of First Church on Sunday, October 30. The hard work and talents of those here went into carving 17 Jack-O-Lanterns with a variety of scary and happy faces.  When all the pumpkins were complete, electric lights were placed inside, and all then lights were turned out. Everybody oohed and awed   as 17 ghostly figures stared back. In addition to the fun and challenge of carving that just right pumpkin, there was a Guess the Number contest to determine the number of candy corn pieces in a glass jar. Jim Lafreeda came closest to the total of 280 with a guess of 200 based on the career wins of NASCAR superstar King Richard Petty.  Following the hard work, it was time for refreshments and everyone enjoyed the delicious hot dogs, brownies, chips, grapes, cookies, carrots, celery, and a variety of drinks.  In attendance were Craig and Carolyn Zimmerman, Deb Hoffman, Jim and Becky Lafreeda, Julie Zimmerman, John and Zoanne Yeager, Gloria Gaynor, Jamie Orsini, Lindsey Haslip, Linda Price, Tiffany Black, Al Dreibelbis, and Dick and Nancy Fisher as well as Superman, a princess and a number of Halloween shirts.  A special thanks to John and Zoanne Yeager for providing the extra pumpkins.

The tale of the pumpkins had one more chapter… On Halloween night, the lighted pumpkins lined Fourth Avenue and Washington Street like a beacon in the night for the countless trick or treaters who stopped by.  As a matter of fact, there were so many goblins and ghosts that the committee giving out the treats, Al Dreibelbis, Craig Zimmerman, and Gloria Gaynor, actually ran out of candy. Fortunately it was Carolyn Zimmerman and the neighbors across the street who came up with more and nobody left hungry.  As the goblins, ghosts, witches, and superheroes moved on, they were heard saying, “Glad you were here’ and thanks for the candy.”

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