Veterans Sunday

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Veterans were remembered during the First Church worship service, Sunday, November 13. Over the church’s 125 years, men and women have served in the country’s wars beginning with World War I in 1917. More than 20 young men from First Church were part of the more than 1.25 million Pennsylvanians who served in World War II fighting against the Axis powers. Of that number, more than 33,000 were killed, wounded, or taken prisoners of war.

Vietnam was a vivid reminder of the horrors and tragedy of war with the untimely death of 20-year-old Larry Bach. The son of Edward and Jane Bach, Larry was a graduate of the Spring-Ford class of 1964 and was an outstanding football player.  Also serving in the armed forces but fortunate to return home safely were John Shaffer and David Shanaman.

A special collection was taken for the Southeastern Veterans Center in Spring City, one of six centers across the state of Pennsylvania. The money collected, $215.00 will be used to aid the 262 men and 30 women currently living at the center, guests of state very grateful for what these unsung heroes are and what they did in helping to preserve our freedom and way of life.  Each veteran lives in his own apartment and enjoys the 24-hour services of doctors, and nurses trained to help patients cope with issues like mental health, podiatry, speech/audiology, and dementia.

Other amenities include a post office, bank, library, gift shop, and pharmacy, all included as a daily reminder that while many of these veterans continue their struggle against the wounds of war, the American people and its government have not forgotten them.

Adding to the special service were three of our country’s favorite patriotic songs, “My Country, ’tis of Thee,” “O Beautiful, Our Spacious Skies,” and “This Is My Song.”  Veterans Day, 2016. To quote Winston Churchill, Great Britain’s war-time Prime Minister, “Never have so many owed so much to so few.”

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