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St. Patrick and Making Disciples

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As many of you know my education began in a two-room school house in Chester Springs. We learned the normal things, reading, writing, and arithmetic. There were some useful things that I wonder whether they are still taught. For example: When we were learning the Months of the year, we were shown an easy way… Read more »

UCC Disaster Ministries was hard at work in 2018

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The year 2018 has kept UCC Disaster Ministries very, very busy across our country and around the word. Here is a brief summary of this work. Funds totaling nearly $443,000 were released in September, October and November and included: $258,000 for Hurricane Maria recovery in Puerto Rico. PA Southeast Conference will support this work with 2 work camps in 2019…. Read more »

Epiphany reflection from the Conference Minister

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A Tony Robinson reminded me several years ago that the name of this month, “January,” comes from the ancient Roman deity, Janus – a lesser god but one who has always made sense to seekers after the heart of the Divine. Janus was the god of gates and doorways. He had two faces, one looking… Read more »